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Published on 4 March 2019

Spiro is an agriculture farm, setup as family business, located in the central part of Romania and consisting on a surface of 160ha. We mainly cultivate all type of corn (feeding, mill, silage and sweet-corn), rapeseed, wheat, barley, oats, peas, beans, alfalfa, sugar-beet, potato. There is also a component for sheep raising consisting of 300 sheep, mixt bread of English Suffolk and native variety. Farm activity started one generation before, in 1992 and was took over under current management from 2011. It benefits from economical and juridical expertise of my brother (we are partners), financial knowledge of my mother (she is the accountant), technical advice of my cousin (he has mechanical expertise) and support of two other employs. We encourage idea of introducing new technologies on our farm in order to improve work efficiency, reduce man fatigue and environmental impact. We tested and evaluated already automatic steering guidance on our machines and statistical calculation using drone collected NDVI information