SARMENTI makes soil nutrients analysis and gaseous emission monitoring avaible as a portable mutlisensor low power system connected to the cloud to provide decision support to the farmer by monitoring in real time soil quality .


"SARMENTI has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation  programme under grant agreement No 825325."



The objective of SARMENTI is to develop and validate cost-effective portable low power multisensor system connected to the cloud to make in situ soil nutrients analysis available and to provide decision support to the farmers by monitoring soil fertility in real-time. Coupled with the measurement of local environmental conditions, especially the on health and environment harmful gas production just above the ground, SARMENTI will help the farmers to have digitised data to perform appropriate and timely actions regarding fertilisation, which will have a direct impact on crop growth & yields, environment, soil & water quality and reduce fertilisation costs. In addition to soil nutrients in farming, other digitising applications include water quality monitoring of surface, ground and drinking waters.