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What is Sarmenti's project about?

Let's discover what Sarmenti's project is about? What challenges does the team needs to meet?

Published on 20 October 2013

Demand for sustainably produced food is driving current strategies for intensification of the agricultural sector worldwide. To meet these challenges farmers will need to adopt a whole-farm approach to resource efficiency for increased productivity, centred on the greater application of knowledge per hectare. Optimising soil fertility will enable farmers to maximise their productivity and profitability with higher grass and crop yield and quality.


SARMENTI proposes to deliver more accurate predictions of soil nutrient supply and gaseous emissions to improve nutrient use efficiency, maximise crop growth and minimise environment losses. This will be achieved by creating next generation reagent free sensor platforms that will monitor in real-time and in-situ soil nutrient supply and environmental conditions and inform fertiliser strategies environmentally & economically sustainable. Coupled with the measurement of local environmental conditions, especially harmful gas production just above the ground, SARMENTI will help the farmers by providing digitised data to perform appropriate and timely actions regarding fertilisation, which will have a direct impact on crop growth & yields, environment, soil & water quality and reduce fertilisation costs. In addition to soil nutrients in farming, other digitising applications include water quality monitoring of surface, ground and drinking waters.



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