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Published on 4 March 2019

The Association "Terrasolis" created in 2015 to support the Terralab project is an organisation of Extension Services & Farmer Representatives. It includes 20 members : Chambers of Agriculture, Agricultural Cooperatives, IAR Cluster, Farmer Representatives, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bank and Insurance. Its aims are to : (i) Accompany the actors and the projects of territory, (ii) Facilitate cluster and workshops of R&D/Innovation about agricultural ressources and (iii) Promote the bioeconomy on the territory rely on the whole value chain.

Terralab - A territorialized platform of open-innovation dedicated to the production of competitive and sustainable biomass (agro-resources) Today, agriculture is at the heart of an economic, environmental and societal concern. Due to its capacity to produce renewable carbon by maximizing the potential of the photosynthesis, agriculture is primarily a multifunctional activity. Indeed agriculture is able (i) to feed fast growing consumer markets; (ii) to contribute to energetic transition by producing energy from biomass (biofuel, biogas…) (iii) substitutes fossil compounds (agro-materials, cosmetics…) ; while providing ecosystem services (storage of carbon, reduction of greenhouse gas emission, protection of natural resources …). To rise to a challenge of both productivity and durability, agriculture in relation with industries, has to make collaborations between farmers, scientists and socioeconomic actors easier to spread the development of the bioeconomy in the territory. In this context, Terralab is a collaborative tool to perfect and transfer a multifunctional farming, producing biomass (renewable carbon) and ecosystem services